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About Auto Recycling Magazine

The Auto Recycler magazine was established in 2009 by industry people who saw a need to draw attention to all that is good about Auto Recycling, an industry sector that receives little recognition for its vital role in society.

By reporting on the latest trends and showcasing examples of good practice in Auto Recycling, the magazine fosters continual improvement of industry standards and recognition of the important job auto recyclers perform within their communities around the world.

In addition to the magazine this website aims to provide a hub for posting the latest news and information from all corners of the globe thus working to raise the state of knowledge industry wide.

Initially as ‘Auto Recycling Australia’, the magazine was distributed free of charge to all auto recyclers and scrap metal dealers in Australia and New Zealand, but it quickly became popular with many other industry members and stakeholders around the world, so the decision was made to begin global distribution to recyclers and any other interested parties everywhere.

Published in Australia on a quarterly basis, the magazine is printed in English on quality A4 size paper with full colour throughout. It is designed so as to be easy to read and maximize opportunities for recognition of its supporters / advertisers.

We invite you to make contact if you have an interest in Auto Recycling and would like to contribute to the magazine and website in anyway, or would just like to receive a hard copy of Auto Recycler by mail.